Anna Riegel, PhD

Anna Riegel, PhD

Department of Pharmacology
Georgetown University Medical Center
E307A New Research Building
3970 Reservoir Road, NW
Washington, DC 20057 
Phone: 202 687-1479 
Fax: 202 687-4821 
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Research Interests 

Nuclear receptor coactivators and cancer 

Research Summary

My research is interested in transcriptional control mechanisms involved in hormone and growth factor signaling. My current projects revolve around AIB1 (amplified in breast cancer 1), a nuclear receptor coactivator found in elevated levels in breast, pancreas and prostate cancer, among others. Of major interest is AIB1’s more potent isoform delta three AIB1, which our lab discovered.

Representative Publication

  • Lauritsen, KJ, List, H-J, Reiter, Rl, Wellstein, A, and Riegel AT. TGF-beta mediates estrogen and retinoid regulation of the nuclear receptor coactivatior AIB1 in MCF-7 breast cancer cells. Oncogene 2002.
  • Reiter,R. Wellstein, A. and Riegel,A.T. An isoform of the coactivator AIB1, that increases hormone and growth factor sensitivity, is overexpressed in breast cancer. J.Biol Chem 276,39736-39741 2001
  • List,H-J., Lauritsen,K., Reiter,R., Powers,C., Wellstein, A., and Riegel,A.T. Ribozyme targeting demonstrates that the nuclear receptor coactivator AIB1 is a rate limiting factor for estrogen dependent growth of human MCF-7 breast cancer. J. Biol Chem 276, 23763-23768 2001
  • List, H-J., Reiter,R., Singh, B., Wellstein,A., and Riegel,A.T. Expression of the nuclear coactivator AIB1 in normal and malignant breast tissue. Breast Canc Res Treatment 2016,1-8 2001